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One goal of PROJECT PHOENIX LEARNING CENTERS is to provide at-risk children an even playing field with access to 21st century technology. Many of the community centers that we went to visit here in Indianapolis are located in low-income areas.  The schools in these areas lack or don’t even have updated technology.  We want all children to be able to compete academically whether it’s within their school or with other students in another part of the city, state, country or the world. By providing technology to a designated classroom within a community center, we are able to create an engaging digital learning site to assist in closing this gap and focus in on supporting high levels of student achievement during and after school.

PROJECT PHOENIX LEARNING CENTERS was the name we chose to call our endeavor.  The symbolism of the phoenix, a mythical bird, illustrates a bird that rises from the ashes RENEWED and ASCENDS to new heights.  This symbol is similar to the trials and tribulations of young people struggling against an inconsistent home life, and a lack of economic resources while striving to emerge as young scholars in elementary, middle, high school and subsequently as successful adults.  Project Phoenix Learning Centers are dedicated to providing comprehensive technology classrooms in community centers here in Indianapolis.  As schools provide many of the important strategies for student success, community centers offer another significant resource to provide continued structure in the lives of young people.

Growing up in our hometown of Beloit Wisconsin, a small blue-collar town of about 33,000 citizens, Jim and I can remember how our local community center was pivotal in shaping the lives of many youth academically and athletically.  The community center was where many children spent their time away from home and school.  We believe that our contribution of 21st century technology to a community center offers our youth a good chance for continued successes in all areas of their lives.

Through our foundation we are seeking to create and provide community centers with integrated digital technology to serve as a catalyst to impact, change and enrich a child’s learning proficiency. Our hope is to do this through implementing innovating and formative methods of digital learning.  Our mission statement - Preparing Young Minds for Advancement in the 21st Century.