Chase Eastside Legacy Center


As part of the Indianapolis 2012 Super Bowl, the NFL gifted the Legacy Center with a Youth Education Town, YET.  The YET Center provides activities for school-age children.  The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, located on the campus of Arsenal Tech High School, collaborated with the Super Bowl Host Committee to create community youth and recreation center for the Near Eastside. These activities include sports programs, computer training, career development and tutoring.  Each YET is located in a lower-income neighborhood of a city that has hosted a Super Bowl since the early 1990s.

The Jim and Cheryl Caldwell Foundation gifted the Legacy Center with a Project Phoenix Learning Center.  This partnership with the NFL Youth Education Town amplifies the effort to impact the lives of the youth living in that community and will give them the hope, opportunities and much needed skills to succeed in life. 

“We have so many great partnerships with organizations throughout the city that really make The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center Unique,” said Joe Mathews, co-chair, Community Recreation/NFC Committee of the Super Bowl Host Committee.