Learning, Technology & Leadership, LLC

Learning Technology and Leadership (LTL) provides IT Management, Product Procurement, Technology Management, and Professional Development to schools and educational initiatives. Jarrod K. Grant the CEO of LTL has served in one of the largest urban school district in the country, this has provided him and his staff with the accumulated extensive experience in providing school based technology education system-wide to help bridge local education with the needs of community institutions. One of the major initiatives LTL designed and still manages was the implementation of Project Phoenix Learning Centers (PPLC) sponsored by The Jim & Cheryl Caldwell Foundation.  These learning centers are designed to provide schools and community centers with 21st-century classrooms with educational hardware and software providing before and after school support.  PPLCs are currently housed in various sites throughout Indianapolis, Indiana; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan; and Beloit, Wisconsin.  In addition, LTL has also provided the same services for The Chris Paul Family Foundation's 21st Century Learning Labs providing learning lab solutions for implementations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; New York, New York; Portland, Oregon; and Oakland, California in collaboration with Enterprise Solution Products which provides the products needed to facilitate a successful deployment and installation.

By integrating technology into district strategic plans and initiatives, LTL's technology integration is a requisite part of the work and has standardized it's best practices to meet the needs of it's clients. Effective technology usage increased across the district, can serve as a critical component in supporting the variety of instructional programs.  LTL has used these project management methodologies to systematically set realistic targets with clearly defined milestones for each district, department, and school.  

LTL's goal is to serving school district and cities across the country with all of their comprehensive technology needs like yours.

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